Professional Civil Process of Texas

Professional Civil Process of Texas, Inc. has served the legal community for over thirty years. Our Texas operation employs a staff over 200, all of which strive to ensure client satisfaction. Our Executive and Management team has an aggregate of over 650 years of experience in the industry. PCP currently handles over 100,000 services of process documents annually. Spicewood is home to our corporate headquarters and we have 18 additional offices located throughout the State of Texas.

Rick Keeney, President and Founder, has been a leader in the service of process industry for over 35 years. He was instrumental in the establishment of two nationally recognized professional process server associations, The National Association of Professional Process Servers (NAPPS) and the Texas Process Servers Association (TPSA). He has also presented testimony before six sessions of the Texas Legislature to improve the standards of the process serving industry.

PCP continues to stay on the cutting edge of technology. We have developed bar-code tracking and scanning to increase efficiency, and we recently deployed software program for mobile devices/tablets that provides our process servers direct access to our online systems. We have developed system interfaces with clients including You’ve Got Claims (YGC), Q-Law, Cogent and eFiling provider File & Serve Xpress. Additionally, we can offer clients custom interfacing solutions. We continue to integrate with new partners in an effort to provide the most comprehensive and effective solutions for our clients.