Best of Class Applications

In this Application Center, you’ll find effective solutions based on insights and experience gained from serving thousands of papers per month for municipalities, law offices, and credit management companies.  Professional Civil Process is committed to providing innovative applications, services, and solutions that improve efficiency, do more with less, accelerate ROI, and seize new opportunities on a smarter legal system.

Our Pre-Skip department is fully staffed with 30 years of experience. We have developed a unique scrubbing system that determines the highest probability for a successful serve, which in turn generates consistent performance metrics in the 80-90 percentile.

Paperless File Mark:
PCP has developed a paperless file mark copy application that can be leveraged by any credit management company or law office. Our application allows each client to move towards electronic data transfer, reduce administrative expenses, and remove operational expenses due to citation monitoring.

Automated Court Assignment:
You send us the petitions and our unique software determines the county to file the case as well as court fees.

Electronic File Sharing:
PCP offers every client the ability to transfer files electronically through the Client Portal on a custom interface. It doesn’t matter if you have 2 papers or 1,000 papers to serve, PCP has the best applications for your needs.

Performance Tracking:
Our performance metrics provide our clients with a clear picture of the “Service of Process” and instills confidence in our operations.  Additionally, these performance metrics help PCP establish continuous improvement initiatives in areas where other process server companies commonly perform at lower levels.

All of this is at your fingertips with just one “Service of Process”

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