A Process Server’s Story: Betty-Boop (By: Cherry Davis)

Below is a process server’s story written by Cherry Davis, one of PCP’s process servers. She retells a story of when she was attempting to serve a paper when two German shepherds decided they did not want her on their property.

“One summer evening  – just as the sun was setting – I had my husband, Jerry, drive with me out to Lake Dallas to serve a subpoena.

When we arrived, Jerry parked at the front curb, and I made my way through a vine covered gazebo to a little cottage.  I rang the bell and waited.

Suddenly, for no specific reason, I felt uncomfortable – as though I was being watched from afar.  I looked to my left and sweat broke out all over me – my breathing became short and quick, and fear overwhelmed me.

Betty-Boop, a Process Server's Story

There on my left – not making a sound – was the biggest German shepard I’d ever seen.

There on my left – not making a sound – was the biggest German shepard I’d ever seen.  The hair on her back was ruffled.  Her lip was curled back to her nose.  She was slightly crouched.  All I could see were teeth!

Quietly – barely moving my lips – I said to my husband – ‘Jerry, help.  There’s a dog here and I think she’s seriously going to attack me.  He replied, ‘Sorry sugar, you’re on your own.  Her boyfriend has me trapped in the car!’  I turned to look at him and there was the other Shepard – feet on his car– same expression on its face and LOTS OF TEETH!  Keep in mind, the window was rolled down!!

About that time, a man answered the door.  He looked at my fearful face – which by this time was a bit pissed.  I ask him to call off the dogs!  He clapped his hands and said, ‘BETTY!  BOOP! – come.’   Both dogs ran to him wagging their tails behind them!

In all these years – I’ve had many things happen which could have accelerated into problems, but this was the most frightening – and of course funny when retelling the story.”

~Cherry Davis, PCP Process Server

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